オンリーワンの技術 立体機能ろ布/IKロンメッシュ




Nippon Giken Co., Ltd.
Unique Technology: Three-dimensional Functional Filter Cloth / IK-Lonmesh

~For over 40 years, Nippon Giken has been tackling the challenges of wastewater treatment with IK-Lonmesh, a unique three-dimensional functional filter cloth that no one else can offer.~

“IK-Lonmesh” is a three-dimensional functional filter cloth developed by Ichikawa Woolen Textile, one of the world’s largest industrial felt manufacturers, with its long-standing accumulation of fiber technology and innovative electrostatic planting technology. Since the 1980s, it has provided unparalleled wastewater treatment solutions to various industrial sectors such as food, livestock, fisheries, paper, chemical, steel, and metal processing. Nippon Giken took over the business in 1997 and has been expanding it with further experience.

While conventional filter cloths perform particle capture and detachment on a surface structure, “IK-Lonmesh” does so on a three-dimensional structure. It achieves high capture and detachment performance on a one-dimensional level. Nippon Giken’s wastewater treatment solution is attracting attention as a way to realize a sustainable society in the wastewater treatment field.
・“IK- Lonmesh” is a registered trademark of Nippon Giken.


“IK-Lonmesh” is a filter cloth that has nylon hairs about 4~7mm long implanted diagonally on a mesh-like base fabric. The hairs stand up when the filter cloth is rolled, and then return to their diagonal position.

■High capture ability
The three-dimensional structure of the hairs efficiently captures particles. It can remove substances that are difficult to remove by other means, such as “mucous substances” and “fish scales”. It exhibits high performance in food processing wastewater and metal processing wastewater treatment.

■High peelability
The hairs can easily peel off the particles by lying down and standing up. Moreover, the base fabric is mesh-like, so it has less clogging and is less likely to get dirty. It also resists clogging by oil, and does not reduce its filtration performance even in wastewater with a high oil content.

■Coagulation filtration is possible
It can perform coagulation filtration, which filters SS (suspended solids) while coagulating them with inorganic chemicals and polymer coagulants. It does not require tanks or treatments for sedimentation or flotation. It is also used for reducing the load after secondary treatment. The equipment can be made small and compact, reducing the installation space and equipment cost.
“IK-Lonmesh”is the only one that can realistically perform coagulation filtration.